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See rules for testing in your state and find out what your state charges for each test by selecting your geographic information from the drop-down menu.

Price Per Subject:

The total cost for all subject tests is . You don’t have to take all Xổ số miền nam và miền bắc tests at once and can space them out however you choose.


  • Your GED® test
  • Same day scoring
  • A personalized score report
  • 2 free retakes per subject*
  • Transcript and diploma

Xổ số miền nam và miền bắc*Nominal test center fees may still apply.

Xổ số miền nam và miền bắcAge and other testing requirements also vary by area. Learn more about rules for testing in your area.


Some companies provide their employees with free GED® preparation and testing through a program called GEDWorksTM. Create an account to see if your company participates in GEDWorksTMXổ số miền nam và miền bắc and offers free testing.

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